Protect You & Your Family with Vaccinations

At Glover’s Medicine Centre Pharmacy, we offer regular vaccinations for all ages. Vaccines are safe for children as well as adults, and can be vital in maintaining your child’s good health throughout their life. Furthermore, getting your child vaccinated at the right times can help prevent serious diseases like measles. Side effects from vaccines are usually minor, lasting only a couple of days.


Among our routine vaccinations, Glover’s Medicine Centre carries Zostavax which is the vaccine for shingles. Not all pharmacies carry this particular vaccine. However, we here at Glover’s are dedicated to offering everything you need to keep your family healthy.


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Are we different from other Pharmacies?

In a word, yes! Medicine Centre Pharmacists take the time to listen before speaking, and take even more time to understand you and your family; to know your history and to help you plan for the future.

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