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We use Glover's for our pets prescriptions. We have bunnies and guinea pigs and there has never been any issue in getting the medications we need. Service has always been timely and friendly and I am thankful they offer veterinary prescription services.


Outstanding service. I was bed ridden and needed to order a prescription. I texted it in for them and they prepared it before I drove down for it.


My 13 yr old daughter gets cold sores in her eye.. yep in her eye! This last reccurance was especially dangerous as the blisters showed up on her eyelid as opposed to under her eye..(too close for comfort) as this virus can blind her. The doctor prescribed oral antivirals as well as eye drops but none of the pharmacies in my community compound such a thing.. so off to glovers I go after work.. racing the clock as they closed at 530 and we didn't leave town til 4:15pm... we got there in the nick of time but unfortunately the compound just wouldn't mix properly..would cloud up and the ph was just not right.. they didn't feel safe leering me take it for my child ( thank goodness) julie felt so terrible that we drove all the way for nothing.. I was reimbursed and over compensated (in my opinion) for my troubles.. it was a great experience..and didn't stop there.. they felt so bad I got phone numbers for another pharmacy that compounds an suggestion for another antiviral eye drop, as well as a follow up call the next day checking to see how my daughters eye was (its healing well) thank you Glovers for taking good care of us

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