Specialized Pharmacy Services

With Medicine Centre, your community pharmacy becomes more than just the place to pick up medications, it becomes a resource centre for health and wellness. At each participating pharmacy, a Medicine Centre Pharmacist provides a variety of services and information with an integrated approach to your health care needs. Click on the services below for more information.

Blister/Compliance Packing

Do you find it had to remember if you have taken your medication? Medication dosages can be confusing, especially if you are taking several medications, although, sometimes even one medication can be tricky to remember, especially if you have to take it multiple times a day. There are several different words used to describe compliance packaging such as Blister Packs, Bubble Packs and Dosset Packages.

Each package is usually compiled with a one week supply of medication – Monday through to Sunday with different time slots throughout the day for morning, afternoon and evening medication doses. This helps you keep track of when to take your medication and it’s an easy reminder to show you if you have or have not taken your next dose. Talk to your Medicine Centre pharmacist about customized medication compliance packing.

Medication Compounding

Your Medicine Centre Pharmacist is trained to prepare personalized medications for patients requiring specific strengths, dosage forms, or flavours not commercially available, and for those individuals with allergies or sensitivities to dyes, fillers, or preservatives.

Specialty flavoured liquids, topical and oral pain medications, bio-identical hormone therapies, skin care creams, ointments and gels, and specialized eye drops, ear drops and injectables are all examples of dosage forms that can be created by your Medicine Centre Pharmacist to make your medication easier to take and help you get the most benefit from your medication. Compounded medications can be for everyone, ranging from babies to seniors and even pets.

Palliative Care

Your Medicine Centre Pharmacist is trained in helping the patient and the family—not only in delivering medication, but in consulting with palliative care specialists in developing the best treatment plan.

As well, the pharmacy may pre-load syringes with medication and provide other individualized packaging when helpful.

Medication Management

Your Medicine Centre Pharmacist uses specialized knowledge of drug therapy to review your medications for appropriateness, suggest improvements, simplify the therapy and ensure you understand your treatment for optimal benefit.

BC Medications Return Program

Don’t throw out your expired or unused medication – return it to one of our pharmacies!

Unused medications can pose a significant health, safety and environmental hazard when improperly stored or disposed of. The B.C. Medications Return Program has been in place since 1996. This program allows the public to return (at no charge) unused or expired medications to participating pharmacies in the province. When you drop off your medications, you’ll not only ensure they’re disposed of properly – you’ll also keep them out of the wrong hands, preventing abuse or accidental ingestion – and protecting our environment in the process. Medications Return Program is administered by the Health Products Stewardship Association.

Products that can be returned include:

  • All prescription drugs,
  • Over-the-counter Medications, and
  • Natural Health Products in oral dosage form

Before returning you medication please remove any personal identification such as your name.

Medication Reviews

Almost half of all Canadians take at least one prescription medication. There is a lot to know about prescription medications, over the counter, herbal, and natural products. The medication review service is the perfect opportunity to discuss your health and how the products and medications you take affect your health. Our pharmacist will help ensure safe and effective treatment as well as options for maintaining good health.

The review is a personalised service that strives to provide you with practical information and support to be as healthy as you can be. You will also be provided with a list of your medications to keep and share with other healthcare providers.

Whether you would like some advice on how to prevent health problems in the future or you are currently having problems with your medications, our Medication Coaches are here to help you.

Renal Pharmacies

Many Medicine Centre Pharmacies have been designated as provincially recognized distribution centres for those medications prescribed by your renal specialists.

We have the knowledge to monitor all your medications—always mindful of your renal function.


Your specially-trained Medicine Centre Pharmacist is able to prescribe and inject vaccines to prevent you from contracting harmful viruses.

Are we different from other Pharmacies?

In a word, yes! Medicine Centre Pharmacists take the time to listen before speaking, and take even more time to understand you and your family; to know your history and to help you plan for the future.

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