Compounding Pharmacist

Glover’s Medicine Centre offers compounding services. We’re able to manufacture from scratch unique preparations, suspensions, capsules, liquids, injectable medications, and creams. This allows us to tailor your medicines to fit your specific needs. By taking the raw ingredients and making something completely new, we’re able to compound a drug that does not yet exist in a readymade form.


Often chain or big-box pharmacies won’t carry a less popular medication and have no means of concocting it if someone requests it. These pharmacists are only able to dispense manufactured drugs and medications. With our compounding services, we can customize medicines, antibiotics, supplements, and other drugs to your specifications.


We also provide compounding solutions for veterinarians.

Sterile Compounding

One of our pharmacy’s specialties includes sterile compounding. This type of compounding involves IV and immunization injectable compounds. We offer this service for doctor offices and vet clinics. We do not perform the injection ourselves. As a result, doctors and veterinarians often inquire and fill prescriptions for medications that require unique amounts of specific drugs right at our pharmacy. We also provide special deliveries city-wide for free.

Are we different from other Pharmacies?

In a word, yes! Medicine Centre Pharmacists take the time to listen before speaking, and take even more time to understand you and your family; to know your history and to help you plan for the future.

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